Since 2009, MGB Marble and Granite from Brazil has been operating in the south region of Espírito Santo state, providing high-quality materials for the construction industry. The company was founded in the city of Cachoeiro Itapemirim, by the entrepreneur Emerson Scantamburlo Machado, who has more than 12 years experience in the market of ornamental stones.

In order to establish MGB, the entrepreneur counted on the partnership and the encouragement of the renowned marble industry Cavaliere`s owner, Emilio Cavaliere. The company has become a reference among the marble industry, settled on solid basis. 


MGB satisfactorily meets the clients` needs and projects using what is more sophisticated, offering sleek and bold works. From the ornamental stones that the company offers there are national and imported marble and granite (static and exotic).

The guaranteed quality of materials, commitment to customers and agility in delivery are characteristics that are part of MGB`s profile, thus it remains more competitive in the market.


In addition, the expertise of professionals involved in the activities of the company adds value to the final product. So those who get the MGB materials feel confident about the merits of them.

In order to further promote the excellence, MGB works guided by principles of environmental preservation and sustainability, always seeking a good relationship with the community as a whole and prioritizing actions aiming at the protection of the planet`s biodiversity.



Offer the best quality marble, overlapping with excellence to customer expectations. Empower and enhance the employees to achieve our goals with effectiveness. Prioritize a sustainable policy respecting and preserving the environment.


Being a referential and innovative in the ornamental stone sector company through the processing and marketing of marbles bra

ileiros. Committed to creating value for customers, employees, partners and society.



Reputation and Integrity

Respect and trust

Quality and Credibility



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